8.1 Three ways to deal with writer’s/producer’s block

Writer’s block is horrible. Sometimes it can feel like you’re incapable of finding the right way to create what’s in your head, other times it’s as if you just don’t have anything to create at all.
These feelings can stick around for long periods of time, preventing us from doing what we were born to do: Create!



1. Switch your workflow.

Do you always start with lyrics? Try putting the lyrics aside for a moment and focus on the chord progression. Let the chord progression lead the mood and tone of what the lyrics will say.
Maybe you always start with the chorus. Try starting with a different section first. By taking five minutes to work on another section of the song, you are allowing space for a breakthrough to happen.

2. Change Instruments

My first instrument is guitar. Typically, I thought that I would always write music with guitar. However, as I started producing more, I realised that I had developed unproductive habits. So I fiddled with piano. Now, I love writing progressions with piano and although I’m not as good as I am on guitar, I find myself reaching a different musical destination. You don’t have to be a proficient player of a different instrument, but enough to help you out of writer’s block.

3. Use your DAW

This can be a great way to stir up some creative ideas. We have so many tools available in our DAW (reverb, delay and other efx)
Try experimenting with things you’ve never done before. For example:-

  • Put a kick drum into a giant reverb
  • Record a vocal part ten times and pan them
  • Put a microphone in the bathroom to pick up your guitar amp in your room.

In other words try making some dramatic, creative decisions to shift out of the ‘rut’.

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