1.1 Start With ‘Why’

“People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.”
– Simon Sinek

In the pursuit of any dream, earth-shatteringly big or humbly small, there’s a drive that is needed in order to cultivate success. Without the daily fuel, one can hardly expect to complete the perilous journey towards one’s ultimate destination, as there will be bumps an curves; even what appear like hard roadblocks to navigate from time to time, requiring additional creative thinking and problem solving energy. So what is the defining difference between those that run out of steam along the way vs those that maintain that consistent push all the way to desired success? And how do we dramatically increase our chances of achieving the dream we are chasing?


No matter what dream you’re pursuing, to start by defining your ‘why’ will dramatically improve your chances of success. Growing towards a successful career and/or side hustle as an established music producer is no different.

What advantages does starting with ‘why’ give us?

“The secret of success is constancy to purpose.”
― Benjamin Disraeli

If you woke up tomorrow with absolutely nothing to do; no work, no relationships, no responsibilities of any kind, what would be the reason to get out of bed? Consider for a moment that in this case, there would be no definitive reason and without a reason, what would happen to the action of actually lifting your legs from out of your bed and putting your feet on the floor to start your day? The point is this: action follows reason. You need ‘reasons’ to do anything. This is why, in cases of mental health illness such as depression, regularly prescribed counter-intuitive practices and clinical conversations so often begin with the exploration of a reason. The reasons serve to shift the focus of the patient towards more positive items that contain purpose that effectively helps to put ‘fuel in the tank’ where the patient may have previously felt there was none. Defining and finding purpose and understanding about why you are doing any action, will provide you with the necessary energy and passion to not only do the action, but embrace and pursue its completion, with an intention towards maximising the quality and subsequent results.

To summarise, starting with why is a crucially powerful positive mechanism in generating perpetual, daily, consistent energy towards your goals as a music producer.

But how do we find our ‘why’?

Great question! Finding our why and finding our purpose are closely aligned, which we’ll discuss in the next module.

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