8.10 Receiving Feedback.

In all aspects of music making: songwriting, production, mix and master it can be helpful to get some feedback.
Choosing the right people for these roles is crucial.



1. Find someone with experience in that area.

Find a songwriter to give feedback about your song. Find another producer to give feedback on your production.
Having feedback at different stages can help especially when we don’t know what to do next. Different suggestions offered can spark a fresh idea. You don’t have to use every single piece of advice. Remember, they are just offering ideas that may or may not work. Pick up the ones that help and discard the others.

2. Find encouraging people.

This is so important. As creatives we often become attached to our work. This is understandable as it’s so personal to us!
Make sure you surround yourselves with people that want to see you succeed. Their feedback will reflect this.

3. Don’t get defensive.

Sometimes it can be difficult for us to hear honest feedback on our work, especially if it is not what we might like to hear. We want those around us to love our work just as much as they love us. Remember, feedback is not a reflection on what someone thinks of you, it’s a reflection on the work. Express gratitude regardless and use feedback that is of best benefit.

4. There is always something to learn.

The more experience you have with graciously receiving feedback, the easier it becomes. Music is so vast, that no one person ever has every single answer. Taking bits and pieces from different people will help shape your own style.

5. Be an encourager.

As you gain more experience, friends around you will ask you for feedback on their work. Be the encourager! Be the person that you would like to have around you. Build them up and always make sure your feedback is coming from a place of wanting to see them succeed.

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