Forced Isolation – The Ultimate Win For Artists?

Are you an artist? Could you be missing out on the greatest opportunity of your life?

It happened. What they said never would. The virus that was ‘under control’ now has much of the world on its knees. Some of us feel like goldfish in the fish bowl, watching what can only be described as a nightmare movie, hoping it passes us by and leaves us unseen. Others of us are still in shock wondering how this could have ever happened. Then there’s a small group of musicians, artists, entrepreneurs – those annoyingly positive ‘always see the silver lining’ types that seem not to be letting themselves get down about the whole thing.

What is it they’re doing exactly? And why are they not as miserable and down in the dumps as the rest of the world seems to be?

The answer is simple. They have correctly assessed this crisis as an opportunity. Yes, that’s right – an opportunity. Seems unrealistic? Then count yourself lucky, because you are one of those who could potentially turn this whole thing around to work greatly in your favour. Oh and just so you know, if you’re not turning this around to work in your favour, then you are missing out on an incredible opportunity!

And what exactly is that? Let’s talk about artistry. Not gimmick artistry like you see on so many social platforms like a new Tik Tok dance routine. I’m talking about creating something totally unique and improving your skills as an artist to become better than you’ve ever been.

The last few days have been disappointing to say the least. Not for my own situation, but I have seen countless ‘boredom’ style activities spread throughout the digital world. Some admittedly funny, others downright hilarious – but nevertheless, what so many still seem unable to grasp is the sheer value of time.


So many excuses. She’s better looking, he’s more talented, they got lessons when they were way younger etc. The list is endless. We’ve all heard them – heck, we’ve all used them! But what do we all have in common right now? Time. It’s what we’ve always had in common. The only difference now is that half the world is stuck at home under a proverbial house arrest and some, not necessarily the smart ones, but the wise ones, are going to use this ‘blessing’ of time to improve their lives. Think about it. Most will emerge from the caverns of their houses as expected. A little more weight, a little more depressed, a little more lazy. But you have the opportunity right now to do the opposite – to use the time to become better at your craft than you’ve ever been before! No more excuses, no more ‘they have’, ‘he has’ or ‘she has’ – we all are stuck at home. The only question you have to answer is, ‘what are you going to do with the time you are now given?’


If you’ve ever complained about not having enough time to practice on your songwriting, to practice your singing, to work on your ideas, your stagecraft, your performance, your next show – whatever aspect of your artistry – you now have a limited amount of time to go absolutely crazy on your craft. Imagine for a moment, that you emerge from this with twice the performance power, double the vocal craft, pitch accuracy like you’ve never had before, tone that melts butter in the fridge – you have the power to pursue the refining of yourself to become the best version of you that you’ve ever been. Don’t waste it, the time is now!


Failing to plan is planning to fail.’

It’s true that without a good plan, your goals are virtually destined to become piles of floating ash in the sea of what-could-have-beens. But planning isn’t everything. Once you have made even a brief plan of what to do and how you will maximise this gift of time, it’s important to go for it with everything you have! Give yourself carrots and sticks, rewards and discipline tools to remind yourself daily of your overall vision and help you achieve your goals. Remember, even if what you’re doing isn’t perfect, it’s infinitely better than not doing anything at all. Plan to win, and then go after it with all your available energies. If you do this, yes you will look back on this time in world history and remember the hardship, but you will also have a personal memory of everything you achieved and the person you became in the process.


Forced home isolation can suck, or it can be a huge tool you use in your life. The person you become through it all is determined by the simplest of all human functions – choice. Choose a vision for yourself that inspires you. Make a plan to come out of this with new skills, refined abilities and a new passion for your craft. Work the plan and take practical measures each day that consistently step up your skills and talents. Become the artist (and person) you’ve always dreamt of being by applying the best parts of yourself to your vision.

What have you got to lose?

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