What if I don’t receive my logins straight away? All our logins are manually processed by one of our friendly team members, which means yours is on its way! If you don’t receive your login within 48 hours of your course being issued, please contact us at info@talentcollege.com.au and one of our support staff will sort that right out for you!


What if I want to upgrade my course? That’s totally fine! We can upgrade you at any time and not only will you get a refreshed 12 month access, but we will only ever charge the difference on your selected upgrade, so you’re never having to pay for a whole new course!


Can I transfer my course to someone else? Whilst you can purchase one of our premium courses for someone you know as a gift (ie. setting up their login details on issue), transferring our IP to someone else unfortunately breaches our Terms and Conditions, but aside from that it doesn’t help us create new wonderful courses for creatives like yourself! So we encourage you to use the course as intended so we can continue to make premium online learning content for you and for others.


When do I find out about live masterclasses? Don’t worry – they’re coming! So far this year, Australia (our home base location) has experienced a number of setbacks, not the least of which are national bushfires and a global viral pandemic! Just as soon as we can get through the next short while and back into more everyday life, we’ll be setting up our live masterclasses and notifying all our incredible students of the times and dates, along with premium access!


How long is my access? Most students access is minimum 12 months, with the exception of some of our shorter ‘sprint’ courses being 6 months. In either case, we’ve made sure that’s more than enough time for you to thoroughly examine and absorb all the incredible content to maximise your learning and growth potential! Also, if for some reason you really need more time, just drop us a line and talk to us. We’re always around to help any way we can!